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A Sneak Peek Inside...
1. Jump Start
Speedy Profit Creator Jump Start

There's the Jump Start report and videos, these show you the first two of the five "must do" steps to give you a jumpstart in creating and improving an online business.

These are the 2 most important steps because if you get these wrong the chances of your success is very, very small.

Don't worry, you'll discover what's in the rest of the 5 steps too, but the Jump Start is meant to have you taking action and building your online products business today!

2. Product Creation E-Book
Speedy Profit Creator E-Book

There's an e-book where you'll discover everything from:

  • Creating a plan for your product
  • To selecting a product that people want to buy
  • To putting togther a product, either your own from scratch or from an existing (PLR) product
  • To getting quick, easy, and inexpensive original graphics for your product
  • To creating your winning sales page
  • All the way to getting people to come to your Web site and sales page
3. Complete Audio Course
Speedy Profit Creator Audio

The entire e-book has been converted into MP3 audio files so you can listen to it anytime and anywhere you can use any MP3 player or play MP3 audio (like a MP3-enabled CD player).

4. Complete Video Course
Speedy Profit Creator Video Course

Ensure you completely master the entire creation process with a complete 12-step video series on product creation where you get to look over Omar's shoulder as he develops a concept and creates a product right in front of your eyes.

There are even bonus videos on how to create physical products.

He also reveals the exact resources he uses when he creates his own products giving you an advantage over most other people who will continue to struggle.

5. PLR Product Library

Speedy Profit Creator contains a library of 40 professionally created private label rights products that you can use to start making money right away; private label rights means you can take the book and rewrite it and enhance it anyway you want to.

You can use them to "Earn While You Learn" and use them as the basis for your own products just like you'll discover in the video course.

With each PLR products there is a detailed and fully commented Keyword Research spreadsheet made by yours truly; there is also a users guide to help you understand the spreadsheet details.

You'll also get 4 modifiable “Speedy Sales Site Templates“ which are complete HTML sales sites that have been perfected for optimum conversion and sales video applications.

6. Software Tools
Speedy Profit Creator PLR Library

Product Builder: This is one of the key features of Speedy Profit Creator and was custom built just for Speedy Profit Creators members; it lets you to create complete "production ready" attractive e-books.

Click here to show/hide a quick peek at the product builder software

Product Creation Software
Product Creation Software
Product Creation Software

Tutorial: This is a tutorial walk through of the entire file creation process and how to use the built-in Product Builder to generate your files.

Companion Volume: This is a companion volume to the tutorial video.

Text Cleaner: This is a software tool that removes all the weird formatting that Word Processing like Microsoft Word include when you try to paste it into the product creation software; so use this before pasting.

Speedy Profit Creator PLR Library Graphic Tools: Speedy Profit Creator contains some graphics tools and a graphics pack to use ni the creation of your products and sales material.

7. Full Resell Rights License
Rights License

Active MAC DADDY members of Speedy Profit Creator can resell the BASIC & PRO membership and pocket 100% profit -- so forget getting just a percentage as an affiliate.

So, not only can you use Speedy Profit Creator to create your digital books but you can quickly make back your entire investment almost instantly by reselling it.

Omar Gives a Tour of Speedy Profit Creator on His Sales Page Here...
I'm Giving You These
Additional Bonuses

Since Omar has 3 levels of Speedy Profit Creator members (Basic, Pro, and Mac Daddy), I thought I'd match him and have 3 levels of bonuses; one for each Speedy Profit Creator level.

You can see which bonus belongs to which by looking for a small wax seal in the lower right corner of the descriptions; of course, each higher level gets everything the lower levels get.

And if it gets confusing, I have a summary at the end.

Custom Cover and Page Header
Fast Action Bonus - 25 Only You Win... Everybody Gets This!
Value: $100
Book Cover Graphics

If you are one of the first 25 people who get a Mac Daddy membership in Speedy Profit Creator using my affiliate link, then I will pay MarketingGraphicsDesign.com to take one of the book cover templates (see below) and customize it to your specific product and your niche.

I will also pay to have the matching page header (see below) custom designed for you product and niche.

Because of the expense and time it takes to create this, this is only for the first 25 people who get a Mac Daddy membership through my affiliate link and the covers will be done in the order that the cover requests are received.

Don't worry though because you have up to 1 year to request a book cover, plenty of time to research and create your book.

Note that due to the custom nature of this work, this bonus won't be fulfilled until the ClickBank 60-Day refund period expires.

For Mac Daddy Members Only

If you need it sooner you can put down a deposit of $37 that will be returned to you if you do not request a refund of Speedy Profit Creator during the 60 days refund period; otherwise the $37 will be retained as payment for the book cover and page header.

Awesome Cover Templates
Value: $250
Book Cover Graphics

When you create your digital books you'll need to have some eye-catching front covers at the beginning of your books.

While you can purchase these (Omar even gives you the source that he uses for his covers) ... well, you still have to purchase one for every book you create (expect to pay $25-50 for each cover).

However, if you get Speedy Profit Creator using my link then you will receive a selection of book cover templates that you can easy create your own custom covers using free software (even Microsoft Windows Paint)!

I have commissioned MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com to create Speedy Profit Creator cover templates specially for you, and Woei Yu is working on them right now; note, they will not be ready on launch day but they will be ready soon afterwards.

For Mac Daddy Members Only

There will be 10 designs each in 15 different colors.

You can see an example of a recent book cover that MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com did for one of my reports above (it's smaller than actual size of course).

Matching Page Headers
Value: $100
Book Page Header Graphics

Not only do you need front covers for your books but your need page headers too, otherwise it's just a boring look digital book.

So, along with the front covers, I've commissioned MarketingGraphicsMonthly.com to create matching page headers that you can put into the software builder tool and have it automatically insert it at the top of each page for you.

For Mac Daddy Members Only

Note, these graphics may also not be ready by on launch day but they will be ready soon afterwards; you'll be able to get them in the members area.

Marketing Graphics Monthly
Value: $100
Marketing Graphics Monthly

If you have an online (or offline) business or doing marketing of any kind then you realize the importance of having good graphics to engage your prospects more, get your message across more effectively, and turn more leads into customers..

To help you with that I've made arrangements with Woei Yu over at Marketing Graphics Monthly to get a Silver 1-Month Membership which means For Mac Daddy Members Only you'll have lifetime access to over 1,000,000 marketing graphics to use in your products and marketing material.

You can learn more about Marketing Graphics Monthly here.

"Ask Any Question" Webinars
Value: $200
'Ask Any Question' Webinar

After the Speedy Profit Creator launch I'm going to do 2 webinars, one right after the launch is over to make sure you don't have any questions that would stop you from being able to create your products.

Then the week after that I'm going to hold a second webinar to make sure you have no more questions and to make sure you've created your product and are ready to launch it.

During these webinars you'll be able to ask any questions, for example:

  • Questions about how to use Speedy Profit Creator
  • Questions about how to use PLR to create your product
  • Questions about how to set up your sales process
  • A quick critique of your sales page or your product
  • Ways to get people to your Web site
  • Or anything else you can think of!
For Mac Daddy Members Only

The purpose of these Webinars is to be ensure that you use Speedy Profit Creator to help you be more successful and not just as more "bloat-ware" that you've wasted your hard earned cash for.

Here's that Summary I Promised
Summary of the Bonuses
Here's Who Should NOT Get This...

Speedy Profit Creator is not for everyone and even if it is for you this may not be the time -- you may not be ready for it now or the near future.

If you fall into one of these categories then DO NOT get Speedy Profit Creator right now.

  • You are not creating and selling digital books (and won't be in the next month)
  • You are focusing on a different aspect of your business right now (and will be for the next month)
  • You are an expert product creator with an existing staff who create books for you
  • You buy lots of different things and rarely if ever do anything with them -- you know who you are!
  • You are down to your last dollar and getting Speedy Profit Creator is a stretch for you (this isn't the way to quick money)

However, if you are focusing on creating products right now and you have been, or want to immediately start, creating and selling digital books, you understand a good investment and you make the desire to take action and make a difference in your business and you're life, then you should read Omar's sales page and make a balanced, informed decision.

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Watch Me Use Speedy Profit Creator Live to Create a Digital Book!

Note: there is no audio, sorry.

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Adobe Flash Player by downloading here.

Download complete Private Label and Resell Rights to the
Book You Just Watched Me Create Right in Front of Your Eyes!

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Remember, you'll only get all my bonuses if you invest in the Mac Daddy membership (Option 3).

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This is critical, if it doesn't say [affiliate = lb0701muri] at the bottom of the page then you will NOT be eligible for any bonuses. If it doesn't, then clear your cookies and go back to Step 1.

All Right, You're In!!!
Time to Claim Your Bonuses
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Step 5: Submit Your ClickBank Receipt

Go to my support site and do these things:

  1. Open a New Ticket
  2. Put in your name and e-mail address so I can contact you with the bonus information
  3. Select "Bonus Request" from the "Help Topic" drop down box
  4. Enter "SPC Bonus" in the "Subject" box
  5. Copy and paste the ClickBank receipt you got via e-mail into the message box; it must be the ClickBank receipt, not the PayPal or other receipts you might receive.
  6. Select "High" from the "Priority" drop down box (so you get top priority treatment)
  7. Click the "Submit Ticket" button
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This is the best and fastest way to ensure I see your bonus request.

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Step 6: Get Instructions E-mail
Discover More Below

You will receive an e-mail on how to register to get access to your bonuses.

Click the link in the e-mail and you'll go to the registration page.

Please note that launches are usually busy and chaotic so it may take me 24-48 hours to verify with Omar that you were a member, so please be patient I will get back to you as soon as I hear from Omar.

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Step 7: Register to Access the Bonuses
Discover More Below

The e-mail will give you the link you can use to register for access to the bonuses.

Click the link in the e-mail and you'll go to the registration page.

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Step 8: Verify Your Registration
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After you register you will get an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration.

Click the link in the e-mail and you're all set.

After you click the link you'll get a welcome e-mail also and subsequent e-mails as the bonuses become available.

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Step 9: Register for the Webinars
Discover More Below

Log into the member's area and register for the Webinars, you only need to register once, it will automatically register you for both Webinars.

Got Questions?
David Husnian

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at contact my support site and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

David Husnian

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